Extravaganza: the Board Game!

Created by Aaron Vanderbeek

A strategical drag lip sync competition board game extravaganza! Illustrations by Cheyne Gallarde!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

September Update!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Sep 05, 2022 at 06:14:38 AM

Production is a go-go!

I’ve received the production copy last month and after some minor adjustments, everything is looking amazing!!! The pre-production has been approved so production has begun / will begin shortly.

I can happily report that everything fits inside the box. With the pre-production copy I sleeved all the cards and included the pre-production deluxe components inside (with the non-deluxe components also included).

There will be enough baggies to store the components, including some large baggies for the cards (even when sleeved).

This photo is from one of the playtests of the pre-production copy. There are some small differences in the final version (standees are different, cleaner punchboards, etc). 

Let’s talk deluxe rhinestones

After playtesting with the pre-production deluxe rhinestones, unfortunately I’ve discovered that my previous plan is not going to work. The original plan was to use actual acrylic rhinestones, and while they look amazing on the board, it it turns out they make horrible board game components! The first issue is that they are very difficult to pick up, due to their thickness and beveled edge. The second issue is that the silver coating on the back comes off quite easily, showing scratch marks that appear also on the front of the rhinestone. The third issue is that actual rhinestones would not be colorblind friendly.

I have been searching through the options that would allow me to use a component that already exists, but after exhausting all of these options the best path is to design a custom component. I initially wanted to avoid this to avoid the initial setup costs, but it seems to me to be the only way forward to ensuring that the deluxe rhinestones are supremely fabulous.

The current plan is to create a custom mold, of a faceted circular jewel-esque shape that has flat surfaces on both sides, using the same acrylic as the actual rhinestones. On the flat surfaces will be printed the rhinestone art via heat transfer, so they’ll then also be colorblind friendly.

The factory currently has all the files they need to create a sample, so I should have a sample within a couple weeks. This process may go through 1-2 iterations. But even still this should hopefully not add any time to the production schedule. As the development and production of the rhinestones should hopefully take less time than the production of the base game.

And that’s it! No updates to the shipping plan. Everything is all planned and ready to go, and we just wait until the games are produced to move forward.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

- Aaron

Board Game Production EXTRAVAGANZAAAAAA!!!
3 months ago – Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 12:12:39 PM

Hello Hello Hello Queens, Kings, and all fabulous beings!!

I hope you all had a wonderful pride month and have an amazing start to your pride rest-of-the-year! Because who says pride ends July 1st (corporations LOL). I've been hard at work organizing production and shipping details for the game and wanted to send you all an update with the current status. Overall, things are moving along nicely! Onto the details:

Solo Mode

Solo mode has been completed and I've uploaded the rules to boardgamegeek. It will take a day or so to be available there. But in the meantime here is a direct link to the solo rules. Feel free to check them out! In the solo mode, you perform against the judges as they pay special attention to your lipsync. Add any number of filler queens that might help or hinder your performance.

Production Update

Base Game

All the digital files have been approved last week. This means I should have a pre-production copy of the game in my hands within 2 weeks!! Assuming everything is good with the pre-production copy, then mass production begins. Mass production takes about 10-12 weeks. So we are still looking at finishing production at the beginning of October. 

Deluxe Components - Lips

I've received samples of all the deluxe components! The lips are MUCH fuller than their punchboard counterparts, we were NOT holding back on the filler :D 

Deluxe Components - Rhinestones

I've received the first samples also of the rhinestones and they look shiny and fabulous! I'm meeting with the factory this week to discuss correcting some of the colors to be closer to the colors used in the game. 


The sleeves look and feel great. As mentioned, the pack of sleeves comes with 200 sleeves, and there are 186 cards in the game so it should fully protect your cards even if you are getting your makeup all over your hands.

Fulfillment Update

Freight has been organized and customs friendly fulfillment partners established in USA, CA, AU, EU. Still working on getting customs friendly fulfillment in the UK. Worst case, people in the UK receive their packages from Germany, which would require paying import taxes (thanks brexit!), but I'm working on it. There won't be a predictable timeline regarding freight / fulfillment until mass production begins, so I'll keep you informed when that happens.

Pledge Manager

I'll be using BackerKit for the pledge manager. Everything has been setup and prepared, and BackerKit is reviewing everything. Hopefully you'll all have your pledge manager emails by the end of the week. 

Missed the Campaign?

If anyone you know missed the campaign, you can send them this link to pre-order the game! The pre-orders will be up until we lock the pledge manager just before fulfillment begins in the fall.

That's all for now! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments :D Stay fabulous!!

- Aaron

Shantay you ALL stay!!!!
4 months ago – Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 07:53:04 AM

And that's a wrap!!

We finished the campaign with just over 23k euros from 383 FABULOUS backers. I must extend yet enough enormous THANK YOU to all of you for supporting this project. I'm ecstatic to be increasing visibility of LGBTQI+ people in the board games industry and hope that this game will inspire even more queer people to play and design board games. 

Production Update

Samples of all the non-print components have been created (rhinestones, lips, velvet bag) and are on their way to me for verification. We are already in the process of proofing the print files, with the final print file being the rulebook pending solo mode. 

Pledge Manager + Late Pledges

I will be setting up the pledge manager soon to allow for late pledges. I am also finalizing plans for fulfillment as well, which is likely when you'll start getting pledge manage emails. I will only be sending updates at important milestones, but always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Thank you again!! And stay fabulous :D

- Aaron

The Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!!!
5 months ago – Tue, May 17, 2022 at 05:59:16 PM

First stretch goal unlocked: SHADE

Well-timed shade can turn the tide of any lip-sync battle. Pay attention to your opponents and disarm them with the most artful display of subtle disparagement. 

In Extravaganza Shade is a category that is more tactical than strategic. Opportunities for giving shade will come and go throughout the game and it's up to you to recognize them. Since cards are being taken off the card display, it makes it even more difficult to find those elusive 3-star cards. If you are trying to keep your opponent from scoring a big dance move in some category, just quickly give them the up and down to remove a powerful card from the decks. Or perhaps your opponents are stacking cards of a single color. One THWAAAP is all you need to collapse their supply of lip tokens. 

Re-enacting the dance moves is highly encouraged, so you may want to prepare yourself by having a fan nearby while playing. 

Thanks again for all of the support and have a fabulous start to the week :D

- Aaron

Extravaganza Update!!
5 months ago – Tue, May 17, 2022 at 05:58:48 PM

2nd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

All the punchboards are now upgraded to 2mm thiccness! Since most of the components are punchboard the game will feel much more substantial in the hand :D We are well on our way to next stretch goal: the TUCK dance move category.

Berlin Local Pickup

Just a heads up to all my Berlin backers: there will be an option during pledge manager for a FREE local pickup option in Lichtenberg. 

New Add-On: Additional copies

I've added an add-on where you can order additional copies of the game. This option will also be available during pledge manager. But it's up to you if you prefer to do it now or later. 

DragCon LA

DragCon LA is this weekend (May 15-17) and the artist of Extravaganza, Cheyne Gallarde, will have a booth there. Feel free to say hello and check out his work!! 

8 days left!!!

Just over a week left in the campaign! Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested. 

That's it for today!! Have a wonderful start to the week :D

- Aaron